Now is the ideal time to plant spring bulbs for a colourful start to 2018. There are some stunning new varieties in store – you’ll be spoilt for choice
Tulip Muvota
A strikingly beautiful new triumph tulip variety that is a gorgeous shade of maroon with the outer edges of the petals a coppery orange. A perfect colour combination.
RRP £2.99 for 7-bulb pack, now 2 packs for just £5

Tulip Harbour
Light Fully double conical shaped feathery blooms of creamy white are subtly striped with green for a lavish, cool contemporary effect. Sure to stun friends and neighbours.
RRP £5.99 for 8-bulb pack, now 2 packs for £10
Tulip Harbour LightTulip Harbour Light
Narcissus Double Popeye
A large trumpet-flowered daffodil with double flowers of ruffled white and deep yellow.
RRP £5.99 for 5-bulb pack, now any 2 packs for £10

Blooms, Bees & Butterflies
Specially selected bulbs designed to attract butterflies and bees into your garden. Available in 5 colour combinations with 25 bulbs in a bag.
Normally £7.99 for 25-bulb pack, now just £6.49
Narcissuc Double Popeye
Beautiful Gardens Colour Combination Packs
15 bulbs all in one pack, designed to provide the perfect combination of colours, heights and flowering times when planted as a group. Superb for containers as well as beds and borders. 10 different colour combinations to choose from.
RRP £4.99 for 15-bulb pack, buy any 3 packs for £10

Narcissus Rip Van Winkle
A very unusual daffodil that features relatively large blooms of tightly packed, ‘spiky’ golden petals. Its shorter height makes it suitable for planting at the front of borders. Nothing else is really quite like it.
10 bulbs for £2.29 or 20 for £3.99
Narcissus Rip Van Winkle
Binkie Daffodil
This large-cupped British-grown daffodil is a ‘reverse bicolour’ variety, where the petals are pale lime/yellow and the trumpet is white edged with yellow. An elegant addition that’s perfect for borders and containers or for planting around trees.
Fill a bag for £4.99

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Binkie Daffodil