A Diet That Makes Sense…
Dogs are carnivores first and foremost and have different nutritional requirements to humans. In order to thrive, a dog requires protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.
Long before processed foods came along, dogs hunted and scavenged to meet their nutritional needs. The structure of a dog’s body, jaw, teeth and digestive system are designed to catch and eat their prey.

Raw bones also play a crucial part in a dog’s diet. They provide essential minerals and nutrients from the marrow, as well as the bone itself. Bones also do a wonderful job at cleaning teeth when chewed. Providing bone as part of a healthy canine diet is known to make stools firmer, more manageable and less smelly.

RAW Feeding Benefits

We’ve heard many success stories from pet owners who have changed their dog’s diet over to raw feeding. From food intolerances and an upset digestive system, to dry and itchy skin, undesirable behaviour, tooth decay and bad breath – a raw diet can help to support the body’s natural functions and strengthen the immune system.

Cotswold RAW mince and sausages are made from fresh meat and bones, seasonal fruit and vegetables and a few specially selected natural supplements, which are biologically appropriate for your dog. These ingredients are akin to what canines would eat if they were living in the wild.

Who is Cotswold RAW?

Cotswold RAW are a dedicated and passionate family-run company based just down the road in Evesham. With several dogs of their own, they made the decision to switch their diets over to raw food and soon noticed an improvement in their behaviour, digestion and overall health and appearance.
Realising first-hand how beneficial this style of feeding was, they began to develop our own recipes using fresh meat, vegetables, eggs and their own Cotswold RAW herbal blend. Since 2014 they’ve been working independently to develop and produce high-quality biologically appropriate raw food for dogs.

Cotswold RAW raw mince and sausages are made in-house for complete transparency in their manufacturing process. If you turn over the packet to read our ingredients, you won’t need a science degree to understand what you’re feeding your dog. All of their ingredients are British and sourced locally where possible.

Here at Webbs and Cotswold RAW we want what is best for our dogs. The result is a product that not only tastes great and leaves your dog begging for more, but which is a convenient solution for raw feeders and those making the switch from dry food. Our sausage format is a great way for new users to get used to feeding their dogs raw, with easier portion control and minimal handling required.

How do you get started?

  • Most dogs will wolf down the tasty raw food immediately. For the more cautious, gradually transition to Cotswold RAW over seven days, feeding raw and a good quality, grain free kibble in alternating, separate meals. 

How much and how often?

Raw feeding guide

How much Cotswold RAW do I feed?

  • All dogs are different and the amount of food they need depends on their daily energy requirement, which varies according to many factors including their breed, activity level, age and environment. In broad terms raw feeding guidelines suggest feeding a daily ration of 2-3% of their bodyweight. Small breed dogs will need more and large breeds, less. Note that credible research (Richard D. Kealey et al, JAVMA, Vol 220, 2002) has shown that dogs fed a restricted diet live longer so we recommend starting at the lower end of the range and increasing the amount as necessary in order to achieve an ideal body condition.
  • Remember to use your dog’s ideal body-weight – not necessarily its current weight. The above table represents daily needs. 

How can I tell if my dog is the correct weight?

  • Your dog should have a natural waist when viewed from above. For very long-haired dogs you may have to feel this with your hands. You should also be able to feel the shape of the individual ribs with just a little pressure when running your hands over your dog’s chest. If his ribs are nowhere to be found he is overweight but if they are very noticeable he probably needs more food. 
  • Ask our team in-store for more advice.

Should I feed my dog more than once a day?

  • While your puppy is growing he or she will need several meals a day. Whether or not you feed an adult dog more than once a day is up to you. A dog’s digestive system is designed to have periods of plenty and then time off.

Which food to choose?

  • All Cotswold RAW's recipes provide the nutrients that a dog needs. Their 80/20 recipe is specially formulated for the ACTIVE working dog. They also have an enhanced 90/10 recipe for working dogs that have a need for extra ENDURANCE. Their 70/30 range is suitable for ALL BREEDS and contains less fat and more vegetables.
  • Dogs can develop intolerances to individual protein sources (especially chicken) so we recommend feeding a varied diet of different recipes. Dogs can also just get bored with the same old stuff even when it tastes as good as Cotswold RAW! Also, some of Cotswold Raw recipes do not contain bone and we recommend either varying the diet with a recipe that does or, alternatively, giving a raw meaty bone for nutritional and recreational purposes at regular intervals.
Additional questions can be answers by our Pet department team in-store.
Cotswold RAW is available in-store at Webbs, Wychbold