Get expert gardening advice from our Garden Guru, Frank Hardy. If you enjoy spending time in your garden like we do we're sure there will have been a time when you thought "Help! What do I do with this spot?". And there are hundreds of variations...

  • What can I do with my small or narrow or wild garden?

  • What will grow in that shady spot?

  • What do I do with an awkward slope?

  • Which plants suit my soil the best?

If this sounds familiar then you and your garden would greatly benefit from Webbs Garden Guru service! We can give you no-nonsense advice and cost effective solutions to those nagging garden issues. For just £179 for Webbs clubcard members (£199 non members) you will receive a 1.5-2 hour consultation in your garden where our experienced Garden Guru will offer you solutions for making the most of your garden.

Speak to a member of our team in-store at the Outdoor Plant Department