Growing Potatoes In The Ground

If you have more free space for growing you can plant your seed potatoes in the ground and dig up a delicious harvest in no time.

Dig a trench to a depth of about 10cm (4")

Place the seed potatoes into the trench with the rose end facing upwards

Fill the trench with soil to cover the potatoes

Scatter alongside some potato fertiliser to get maximum growth

As the shoots grow from the potatoes, keep adding a couple of inches ofcompost to cover them. Keep topping up as they grow, and water with a liquid fertilizer once every 2 weeks to ensure great results.

After approximately 12 weeks the potatoes should be ready to harvest. You should allow the leaves & stems to wither before cutting them to soil level & discarding. Then wait for a further 2 weeks before harvesting to ensure the skins will have set properly. 

If you want to check your potatoes are ready, have a gentle dig below the surface to check how big they are. If they feel too small just leave them for another week or so before lifting them out and enjoying your harvest!

Expecting frosty weather? 

Once shoots start emerging above the compost there is a chance that frosts can blacken them and delay production. To stop this from happening you should ‘earth up’ your potatoes as soon as the shoots emerge above ground. Simply draw some soil over the top of the shoots to cover them again.

Make sure you water your potatoes regularly, particularly during dry weather. This is particularly important when the potatoes are starting to form.

We hope you have fun planting and growing your potatoes & enjoy eating your first yummy harvest even more!

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