With the end of summer near, we wanted to take a look at which plants will be growing and flowering in autumn. We have sought the advice of our expert gardener, Dave Smith, for some advice on the best and most colourful plants you can introduce to your garden for autumn.

Cyclamen Hederifolium:
This outdoor plant is a hardy Cyclamen, with delicate pink/purple or white and silver lined ivy shaped leaves that flower in autumn. They are perfect for growing at the base of small shrubs and trees. Naturalising in grass is a sure sign that autumn is on the way. For best results grow in humus-rich soil and in partial shade. You should mulch around the area to prevent the tubers from drying out in the warmer months.

Hebe Addenda Donna:
This beautiful, compact, dark blue to purple flower is part of the Addenda range of Hebes. They have been bred to bloom more abundantly and for a longer flowering period than the other Hebes. Typically, they are ideal for growing in pots or in garden borders, this is because they flower from July until the first frost; it has a long season of interest, which is great for your garden. As an evergreen plant it keeps it foliage all year round however it may need some frost protection I the colder months. Find them here.

Cyclamen Bedding:
This is a great plant to add to your mixed pot, baskets and window boxes, they flower in time for late summer up until early winter. They are not as hardy as other plants, but they are well worth using for the great splash of colour they give. When using just ensure you use good grit before planting as they need lots of drainage.
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A great plant for  late summer colour, Japanese anemone grows in sun or shade and has masses, pale pink or White flowers. They are clump-forming and looks good with most late-flowering plants, especially if it is allowed to spread gently among perennials and shrubs.