Meet the modern house plants, which are so easy to care for. Use them to add a splash of colour and drama to your home

Find the perfect spot Whether you love bright flowers or are looking for something with more of an edge, such as a spiky cactus, consider where you will display your plants before making a final choice. Most like some sun each day, but cacti and other desert-dwellers will need a bright, sunny room or windowsill to receive enough light. If your house is shady for much of the day, opt for a fern, fiddle-leaf fig, spider plant or Chinese evergreen plant.

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Glass terrariums are most definitely ‘of the moment’ and make super stylish homes for succulents and small cacti.
Perfect for: Sunny room or windowsill.
How to plant: Add a 2-3cm layer of grit to the base and top up with cactus compost. Wearing gloves, plant up your selection. Water lightly only when the compost has dried out.

Blazing bromeliad

Guzmania lingulata
Perfect for: Bright room out of direct sun.
Care: Allow the top of the compost to dry out before watering; fill the cup made by the flower with water and replenish it every week. Mist the leaves regularly.

Pony tail palm & air plants

Beaucarnea recurvata & Tillandsia
Perfect for: Bright, sunny room.
Care: Water this palm when the top of the compost feels dry. Air plants need no pot or compost; just soak them in a tray of water for an hour once a week.

Moth orchid

Perfect for: Bright room out of direct sun.
Care: Water well once a week and slightly less in winter. Feed weekly in summer and once a month in winter with Westland Orchid Water

Cape primrose

Streptocarpus ‘Three Sisters’
Perfect for: Bright or partly shaded room.
Care: Water this gorgeous three-coloured variety only when the top of the compost feels dry. Feed monthly in spring and summer with tomato fertiliser.

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