The position of your bird bath can make the difference between the water freezing or remaining in a liquid state. Choose a spot in your garden where your bird bath is likely to benefit from the sun. Even in the winter solar warmth can help keep the water above freezing.

Amount of water

Larger bodies of water take lower temperatures and a longer time to freeze, keeping your bird bath full is key to preventing it from freezing. Always empty and refill your bird bath when the water level has dropped.

Darken the surface

Black objects retain heat well, by adding a black liner to the base of your bird bath or adding a few black rocks you can help prevent the water from freezing as quickly. Always make sure to clean the liner and any objects in your bird bath frequently to avoid bacteria building up.


Adding objects to break up the surface of the water can help prevent freezing. You can use rocks around the bird bath which can also act as perches for the birds that visit. Rocks break up the water and can stop it from freezing as easily. You can also add a few clean sticks and branches to the side of your bird bath, these will help keep birds from needing to get into the water and will minimise the build-up of dirt and bacteria in your bird bath.

Hot water

One of the simplest ways to keep your bird bath from freezing is to simply add some hot water each day to melt any of the ice on top and keep the water fresh. Be careful when using hot water on certain bird baths, you want to avoid huge temperature changes that could result in cracking, for this reason avoid boiling water and instead use water from your hot tap.

Avoid chemicals

Whatever method you decide to help prevent the water in your bird bath from freezing we advise against the use of chemicals. Anti-freeze is deadly to birds and other wildlife so this should never be added to a bird bath. Salt can also be dangerous to wild birds; we suggest avoiding adding anything to the water in your bird bath.

Bird Bath Material

Bird baths come in a variety of materials, plastic, metal and resin bird baths are more hard-wearing and more suitable for use during the winter. Bird baths made from stone, concrete, ceramic and glass are more likely to be damaged during cold spells. The freezing temperatures cause these bird baths to expand and crack over time. We have a range of bird baths for sale online in a variety of materials and styles to suit your needs.

Winter Maintenance

It’s vital to keep up with your bird bath maintenance during the winter months. Regular cleaning and keeping your bird bath full will help provide essential water for birds to drink when they need it most. For more information on bird bath cleaning read our article how to clean a bird bath.

Bird Feeders and Bird Tables

Keeping your bird bath from freezing during the winter months will be a big help for local wild birds. In order to help them further and attract more birds to your garden you could add a bird table or bird feeder. Providing vital nutrition during the winter months helps birds conserve energy needed for survival. Seeds, nuts and suet balls are all excellent sources of food for birds during the winter months.