Stretch out the summer season into the autumn months with this selection of colourful, eye-catching, late-flowering blooms

Revive your beds and borders as the summer progresses with stunning blooms that peak later in the year and keep the colour going well into the autumn. Mix flowers in bold, bright shades with delicate cooler hues for harmonious combinations guaranteed to make your garden beautiful.

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The bright and beautiful Dahlia Dalina series comes in a range of colours to create stunning effects.

Some of our favourite late summer flowering plants:

1. Dahlia
Flowering from midsummer to the frosts, the large flowers of these compact dahlias will make your pots, beds and borders sing.

2. Anemone ‘Wild Swan’
This dainty anemone is hard to beat, with its succession of pretty white and pale mauve blooms which appear from May to November.
3. Hydrangea ‘Miss Saori’
The stunning white flowers with delicate rose-edged petals makes this award winning hydrangea stand out from the crowd.

4. Gaillardia
Fire up your late summer borders with these blazing yellow and red daisy-like flowers, which bloom for months on sturdy stems.
5. Rudbeckia
These bright yellow flowers with chocolate brown centres are guaranteed to make you smile when they appear in August.

6. Celosia ‘Purple Caracas’
The feathery purple flowers of this unusual bedding plant last until the frosts, and can be cut for indoor arrangements too.
7. Echinacea
Choose from pink, orange, or white cone flowers to bring a touch of elegance to your beds and borders from late summer.

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