In 2017 we were delighted to receive confirmation that our thriving collection of Harvington Hybrid Hellebores in the Riverside Gardens here at Wychbold had been given National Collection Status.

About the Harvington Hybrid & Origins

Of the many hundreds of Hellebores planted in the Riverside Gardens by our grounds team over 25 are Harvington Hybrids. We chose the Harvington Hybrid because they are strong plants which provide reliable flowering. They transfer easily to the garden and are simple to keep, regardless of how experienced you are at gardening. The blooms are simply stunning too; bold flowers with endless variations of subtle colours, dappled spots and shading at a time of year when gardens are taking their winter nap. The best time to enjoy Hellebores in all of their glory, in either your garden or the Riverside Gardens here at Webbs, Wychbold, is between December and late March. 

Many of the Hellebores in our collection are from local breeders of stellar Hellebores Hugh and Liz Nunn who began raising Hellebores in 1985 and have since passed the torch to their daughter Penny who continues to raise the breeding collections.