Here at Webbs we are proud to have our own in-house butchery at the Wychbold store. Our butchers counter is not only open to our customers but it also supplies all 3 of our shops’ restaurants.

Key to our quality and welfare ethos is following the traditional butchery ‘whole carcass’ approach. Meaning we only buy what we can sell. We are supplied by a handful of handpicked local suppliers from Malvern and Gloucestershire who share these values with us. Our butchery counter is always brimming with delicious homemade products, such as burgers, sausages, koftas, and marinated chicken, created by the team from our unique recipe collaborations between our Head Butcher Joe and our Head Chef Stephen.

Our Dry-Aged beef is our particular speciality. It is a time-consuming three step process which we have become known for. Our specialist dry-aging fridges create the perfect microbe-free environment for our beef to mature longer than in traditional fridges. Our fridges are additionally lined with blocks of Himalayan Salt which draw the moisture out of the beef intensifying the rich beefy flavour. The end result is an unparalleled tenderness, enhancing all cuts from steaks to slow cook joints.

The best cuts to use for any autumn slow-cooked dish such as a casserole or pot roast is a cheaper cut like rib, shin, chuck or brisket. These naturally take longer to break down in cooking but are so very delicious when they do and tend to create a melt in the mouth result! For lamb, slow cooked shoulder creates such intense flavour as well as diced cut for stewing.

Our Head Butcher, Joe Price suggests his top choices for Autumnal months - "If a customer wants to try something different to beef in the Autumn months, I always recommend game. It is seasonal which I am a huge fan of and it is also both ethically and locally sourced. My favourites are; venison joints, diced rabbit, pheasant, partridge and wild duck. The team and I recognise that some of these options may be new to some of our customers but all of us here at the Butchers at Webbs love to share our passion and are only too happy to give advice - you will find we can be a chatty bunch! So, if I am not available, Keith, Nicky or Tyler will always be available to help – please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Coming in October 2020!
Our butchery range will be available for on-line ordering for either delivery direct to your door or to click and collect in-store. Follow our website at webbsdirect.co.uk/butchers to keep up to date.