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Wild Bird Food

Our wild bird food will bring a myriad of garden birds into your garden all year round.
Wild Bird Food
Whether you have a favourite bird, or just want to attract a wide range of wild bird species into your garden, Webbs can supply you with all the delicious and nutritious wild bird food you will need to attract them. A good place to start is with sunflower seed or sunflower hearts. They’re a really versatile form of bird food, suitable for year round use in feeders, on the ground and from bird tables. Rich in oil and protein and bursting with energy and goodness, they are quick and easy to eat, appealing to a wide variety of garden birds. Nyjer seed, also called “thistle,” is a tiny, black seed that grows in Ethiopia or India and is especially attractive to birds with tiny beaks, such as Goldfinches and other members of the finch family. Due to their small size, they are best served from a nyjer seed feeder. Traditional peanuts are a powerhouse of energy and the Webbs range does not contain any aflatoxin which is harmful to birds. Always feed bird peanuts from a secure wire mesh peanut feeder to avoid the risk of young birds choking on big pieces. Classic bird seed mixes come in different forms depending on whether they are suitable for feeders, for bird tables or for ground feeding. We have a huge range of wild bird seed mixes at Webbs so you can choose the right mix for your feeder and the birds you want to attract. Using mealworms is a popular way to attract bluebirds to your yard since these thrushes primarily eat insects. Suet and fat balls are especially appreciated by the wild bird population when the temperatures are cold and food is scarce.
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