Wild Bird Feeders

Wild Bird Feeders

Wild Bird Feeders

Garden Bird Feeders for Wild Birds

We have a great range of garden bird feeders to help attract a huge variety of birds to your garden, patio or window. When selecting from our range of wild bird feeders consider what kind of birds reside in your area and what type of birds you want to attract. Birds have preferences on how they feed and what they feed on, by providing a number of different food sources and feeding sites you can increase the number and variety of wild birds visiting your garden. Squirrels can also be an issue when providing food to attract birds to your garden or outdoor space, if there are squirrels in your area you can consider our range of squirrel proof bird feeders.

Seed and Peanut Bird Feeders

Our seed feeders are great all-rounder for attracting both small and large birds to your garden including finches, sparrows and tits. Our selection of seed feeders each have different sized holes to attract various sized birds and allow the use of different seed types, depending on your preference. You can view our selection of wild bird food which includes a selection of seed mixes, fat balls and more. Seed feeders typically hang from bird feeding stations and poles or can be attached to a tree within a garden or a post hook. An alternative to the seed feeder is a peanut feeder, these feeders are great for attracting jays, woodpeckers, robins, finches and more birds. Peanuts are high in essential oils and proteins which keep the local birds happy and healthy. Like seed feeders’ peanut feeders hang from feeding stations, poles, hooks or can hang from trees in your garden.

Fat Ball and Suet Bird Feeders

Fat ball and suet feeders are great at attracting the tit family and starlings to your garden. These bird feeders come in two varieties, those suitable for suet blocks and those suitable for suet balls or fat snax. Suet feeders are a great alternative to seed and peanut feeders, the bird food used in them often contains a variety of seeds, suet and cereals and can lead to less mess and waste when compared to seed or peanut bird feeders.

Window Bird Feeders

Window feeders are great if you don't have a garden or if you prefer to get a close view of the birds whilst they feed, they simply attach to a window and you can watch the birds feed from inside.

Best Bird Feeders for Small Birds

If you’re specifically looking to attract small birds to your garden, we suggest looking at selecting bird feeders that are difficult for larger birds to access the food inside. Our bird seed feeders with smaller holes don't allow birds with large beaks to feed. This will therefore ensure that there is enough food for the smaller birds, encouraging them to visit your garden. Larger birds are also more likely to feed from the ground or from bird tables, where it is easier for them to access the food. The best bird feeders for small birds are those that hang from bird feeding stations or hooks
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