1 whole chicken
3 sprigs of thyme
4 cloves of garlic
1 chilli pepper
1/2 dark beer, preferably porter
Salt and pepper
Tomato salsa
10 tomatoes
handful of fresh basil
250g feta, cubed

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Must have accessory

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Recipe Preparation

In the kitchen :

Coarsely chop the garlic, chilli pepper and thyme and combine with the dark beer.
2. Generously season the chicken inside and out with salt and pepper
3. Fill the Poultry Roaster cup with the beer mixture and position the chicken on top of the Poultry Roaster cup.

4. Cut the tomatoes into quarters and coarsely chop the basil.

5. Combine the tomatoes and the basil with feta, salt and pepper. 
At the barbecue :

Prepare the grill for indirect hight heat. Place the Poultry Roaster on the GBS cooking grate and roast the chicken for approx 30 min.
2. Add the tomato mixture to the Poultry Roaster and roast for an additional 15 min. or so
3. Remover the Poultry Roaster from the grill; carve the chicken and serve with the tomato salsa. 

Watch Barbecue Chicken with Tomato Salsa