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Ensure your Bonsai tree gets all the nutrients it needs and encourage healthy growth with this Bonsai Compost from Westland Read more
Why we love it:
  • Compost is one of the most commonly used products in gardening. If you make the correct choice of compost then your plant, vegetable or shrub will flourish. Make the wrong choice, and it could spell disaster
  • By the very nature of the way that they grow Bonsai trees have a limited source of nutrients. When re-potting they need a compost that provides the correct balance of drainage, water retention and aeration needed to develop a healthy root system
  • This specially formulated Bonasai Compost from Westland provides the correct balance of drainage, water retention and aeration required to develop a healthy root system essential for healthy plant growth
  • It also contains loam providing a natural reservoir of plant foods, trace elements and some organic matter which releases nitrogen slowly to the plant. The prolonged nutrient release is beneficial to bonsai plants that remain in their container for a period of time
  • And it comes in a handy 10 litre pouch for ease of use

    What you need to know:
  • 1 x Bonsai Compost Pouch
  • Quantity: 10L
  • Contains a blend of Sphagnum Peat, wood fibre, sterilised soil, horticultural grit, lime and fertiliser
  • Uses: For potting or re-potting of bonsai plants
  • Feeding: The compost will supply your plants with all they need for strong, healthy growth. During spring and early summer, feed your plants with a half strength solution of Westland Feed-all plant food
  • Nutrient Content & pH: The compost contains a slow release balanced fertiliser complete with trace elements and has a pH of 5.5 - 6.0
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