Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomoides)

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The relatively low growing Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomoides) is a perfect addition to any household. The glossy green rounded leaves appear on long, slender stalks & form a loose rounded dome, creating a structured appearance. Suited perfectly to window ledges, shelves or work surfaces. Read more
Please note: Pot cover is not included
Why we love it:
  • The glossy green rounded leaves on slender stalks form a low growing and loose rounded dome
  • This plant is relatively low-maintenance and easy to grow

What you need to know:
  • 1 x Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomoides)
  • Position: Bright but indirect sunlight (Indoors only)
  • Soil: Potting soil
  • Home care: Water moderately during the warmer months, allowing the surface of the soil to dry out in between, but keep dryer in the winter. Mist with water regularly, and shelter from direct sun in the summer
  • I am safe around pets and children.
  • For best results, keep this house plant at normal room temperature, above 10 degrees & avoid cold draughts.
  • Ideal location: bedrooms, living rooms & studies
  • Watering: Once the top layer of soil is dry, gently water to keep the soil moist but not drenched. Regularly mist to maintain a good level of humidity.
  • Care Guide: Easy to care for, making it great for new plant owners. Ensure leaves are wiped regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust and allow the plant to breath.
  • Postion: In a warm, bright position with indirect light.
  • All of our House Plants arrive in their Plastic Pot's, so you may wish to purchase a Pot Cover to maximise the decorative effect of your new plant

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    Please note that the plant height quoted is given as a guideline, and this may vary due to seasonality. The image above is for illustrative purposes only and the pot cover displayed is not included. We have a full range of pot covers available to purchase separately
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