Spring is now officially here, the clocks have gone forward and we are able to spend more time outside and in our gardens! With the arrival of the better weather, comes the greater the jobs there are to now do. You can find yourself preparing seed beds, sowing seeds, tidying up the garden and cutting back all the shrubs. 

Webbs Grounds team have compiled their list of the top jobs to do in the garden this month: 
  • Watch out for frost, protect fruit blossom if needed
  • Clean your pots, ready for summer bedding
  • Feed borders with a general purpose fertiliser
  • Tie in new shoots on climbers
  • Start sowing seeds outside, herbs annuals and wild flower seeds can now be sown
  • Start spraying roses for blackspot
  • Prune early flowering shrubs after they have finished
  • Prune shrubs for stem colour or large foliage now
  • Put in supports for large perennials whilst access is still good
  • Deadhead daffodils and remove seed heads, leaving the leaves to naturall die back
  • Hoe seeds on a sunny day and dig out perennial weeds
  • New lawns can also now be laid with turf or seeds sown. Renovation can take place with edges reshaped, aerated with either hollow or solid tines, scarify to remove thatch and moss and then re-seed bare pots. A slow release fertiliser can also be used to encourage healthy growth.