August is one of the hottest months of the year, which in turn makes watering the garden essential! August is known to be the main month in which we go on our holidays, so it is also worthwhile investing in some support from neighbours, friends and family to support your garden while you are away.

Webbs Grounds team have compiled their list of the top jobs to do in the garden this month:
  • Prune rambling roses and deadhead rose bushes when they have finished flowering.

  • Deadhead and cut back perennials after flowering to encourage more flowers.

  • Keep ponds, water features and bird baths topped up.

  • Weed; these will take much needed water out of borders.

  • Summer prune Wisteria, if not already done (how to video on our social media).

  • Continue feeding and deadheading summer bedding.

  • Regularly damp down greenhouses on hot days.

  • Lavenders and hebe’s can have a trim after flowering.

  • Cut hedges (hopefully for the last time!!)

  • Pest watch, look out for vine weevil and aphid, treat as necessary.