Bird Behaviour  

Birds are a very cautious species, as a prey animal they are vulnerable to potential attack and are always on the lookout. Providing a safe place for birds to feed will help attract more birds and a wider variety of species to your garden. Don’t be surprised if birds scope out your new bird feeder for a few days when it is first added to the garden, before deciding to feed. This is natural behaviour which protects birds from potential danger, be patient with the wild birds and give them time and space to find the source of food you have provided.

Feeder Visibility

Birds use their sight to find their meals, make sure that your bird feeder can be seen by the local birds in your garden by placing it in a prominent position. However, it’s also important to locate your bird feeder near a small tree or bush so that birds feel safe and have a quick escape route. Sprinkling seeds on top or near to your bird feeder may increase the chances of birds noticing the food available, we suggest scattering food around your feeder when it is first placed in your garden or outdoor space.

Bird Feeder Food

Keeping bird food fresh will help attract more birds to your bird feeder. Food that has gone mouldy can be dangerous to your local bird population. We recommend regularly checking the food in your bird feeder and changing the food if you find it has become wet, clumped together or mould is starting to form. It’s important to use the correct bird food, this will differ based on the type of bird feeder you have purchased. Many bird feeders require specific sized seed or seed mixes. Using the wrong sized bird food can make It difficult for the bird to access the feed or result in excess mess. We have a number of Bird Seed Feeders and Peanut Bird Feeders available to purchase online as well as a great selection of wild bird food.

Birds do have a preference on the type of food they like to eat, providing a mix of food in your garden is a great way to find out which food your local population of birds prefer. Using a combination of a bird feeder, bird table and hanging fat balls you can discover your wild birds favourite food. If you’re just starting out and want to provide wild birds with a good source of food, we recommend purchasing a high-quality seed mix.

Time of Year

Food sources for wild birds change depending on the time of year and weather, when natural food sources are low birds are more likely to visit your bird feeder. Most birds don’t need help finding food in the summer months but will rely on additional food sources during extreme temperatures and when they are migrating. Late winter and early spring are also key times of the year to provide wild birds with supplemented food from bird feeders, natural seed sources are depleted at this time of year, so birds are more likely to visit bird feeders.

Bird Baths

A key piece of advice for attracting birds to your bird feeder is to consider adding a water source to your garden (if you don’t have one already). Most birds will definitely notice water, especially moving water. This will attract birds to both bathe and drink, water is very important for birds to stay healthy. Providing birds with fresh water during very hot or cold spells of weather will help them stay hydrated and clean and may encourage them to visit your garden. Take a look at the selection of bird baths we have available to purchase online.