For an inexpensive and very simple way to grow new flowers and vegetables for your garden, try sowing seeds. This can be done without a lot of kit, just a seed tray or a few plastic pots will suffice although if you sow seeds regularly you might want to invest in a seed propagator. A propagator will come with a lid which helps to maintain an even temperature and keep the soil moist. If using a seed tray, you can cover with cling film or a clear plastic bag. You’ll also need peat-free, multi-purpose compost. Webbs can supply you with all the tools you need to successfully sow and grow your seeds. When you start sowing indoors, a bonus is that you can start the growing year earlier than you would if you sowed outside. If you’re growing salad or vegetables, spread out your sowing by planting a small amount every couple of weeks, which in turn which spread out when you’re produce is ready for eating so they'll be available to you all summer long. At Webbs, we have a vast range of seeds to choose from including flower seeds, herb seeds, and vegetable seeds. Happy sowing!
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