Bird size and species

The optimum bird table height will depend on the birds you want to attract to feed. Larger birds prefer to feed closer to the ground as they feel safer at this level. Smaller birds however are more comfortable feeding higher off the ground away from any potential predators that might be lurking in waiting. If you’re looking to attract smaller birds, consider a height which will keep them away from the ground, between 120cm and 180cm should be fine for smaller birds to feel safe. If you want to attract large birds, we suggest a ground bird feeder, which sits just a few centimetre off the ground on an open tray.

Viewing location

Adding a bird table to your garden is great for the local bird population’s health but it also has the added benefit of being fascinating to watch. When selecting the height of your bird table you should consider your viewing angle and location. Make sure the feeding section is in clear sight of where you will be watching the table from, but not too close as wild birds are likely to be scared to approach humans up close.


Your bird table needs to be positioned at a height where it is easy to replenish, consider who will be topping up the bird food and removing any waste. If you want your kids to be involved with feeding the birds, then it’s best to use a bird table that is a height that your children can easily reach on their own. Giving children the opportunity to be part of feeding and watching the birds is both exciting and educational. You can also encourage children to draw the birds they see visiting your bird table and learn about what foods they enjoy and their species. Take a look at our article on what to put on a bird table for more tips.

Keeping squirrels away

Squirrels and other animals will be attracted to the food you place on your bird table. If you prefer to keep squirrels away from the food, we recommend placing the bird table off the ground. Squirrels are good climbers so here are a few tips to keep them off your bird table:
  • Add Vaseline the bird table pole to stop squirrels being able to climb up
  • Add a squirrel guard or baffle dome to your bird table to prevent squirrels from taking the food
  • Make sure squirrels can’t jump directly onto the top of your bird table by placing it in away from fences etc.
Adjustable bird table
You can purchase bird tables that are adjustable in height and have several different platforms to feed the birds from. These tables are great if you want to feed both small and larger birds with one bird table. Adjusting the height of the bird table will allow you to experiment to see which birds are attracted to the food at various heights. It also allows children of different ages to get involved and place food at a height that they can reach without needing to ask an adult for help.

Bird Baths and Bird Feeders

Bird baths attract a wide number of birds to your garden and help birds stay hydrated by providing drinking water throughout the year. Birds especially need fresh water during the winter months, take a read of our article on how to stop a bird bath from freezing for more helpful winter bird bath tips. You can also attract birds to your garden by providing food on a bird table or in a bird feeder. The combination of providing both food and water for birds will give you the best chance of attracting a wide variety and species of bird.