We share the concern of gardeners, the whole horticultural industry and government towards peat extraction and we fully support the continued search for alternative growing media.

• We will only offer peat products that only come from either non-SSSI sites or from sites owned and managed by English Nature

• We are committed to stocking peat free composts at all our centres at competitive prices

• We do not recommend the use of peat products for mulching or soil conditioning unless as a means of disposal of used product ie. grow bags, spent mushroom compost etc. None of our products specifically for improving soils contain peat

• We recognise that for some plants, such as ericaceous subjects e.g. Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias, Acers etc there has yet to be developed suitable alternative media

• We are actively encouraging our suppliers of outdoor plants to reduce peat content and look towards incorporating recycled materials in their growing medium

• We are optimistic that compost manufacturers, nurseries and retailers can work together to significantly reduce the amount of peat used in horticulture in the UK